LEAN KAIZEN Events For Continuous Improvement

If you haven’t yet looked into how you can reduce your energy consumption and improve productivity across your facility, we can help. We offer expert advice, resources, and customized programs to suit your needs.

The PRIME (Process Reengineering for Increased Manufacturing Efficiency) Program was developed for manufacturers who are interested in taking a systematic approach to identifying inefficiencies and waste in their operations. It offers the opportunity to implement Lean Manufacturing Principles through Kaizen Team events. Training  in “Lean Manufacturing” principles and practices provides the element of continuous improvement that is a vital to any competitive business model.

continuous improvement with 6th floor consulting for PRIME ProgramPush vs. Pull Philosophy for Inventory Control

The basic premise of the Continuous Improvement (Lean) philosophy involves producing to your customers’ immediate needs by cutting down on costs, time, and waste. With streamlined product flow, reduced energy consumption, and minimizing the environmental impact, the outcome is less waste and improved, efficient production.

Traditionally, manufacturers have operated on a “push” basis. They push out product and then seek out customers to buy it, so excess inventory accumulates. Lean Manufacturing Techniques promote a “pull” approach. With LEAN, manufacturers produce product to fulfill customers' immediate needs. This approach reduces the costs involved in maintaining inventory and storage.

The scope of a PRIME Kaizen event is unique to each facility. Teams learn how to analyze problems, become self-directed, and implement solutions. The Kaizen process establishes achievable, replicable standards, and then continuously improves on those standards. Ongoing efforts to continuously improve are essential for long-term profits.

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